We support the owners and managers of hotel objects in maintaining their facilities in the proper technical state, required by the provisions of the building law. In this scope, we carry out warranty inspections, periodic building inspections, measurements and ongoing control of system quality state. We coordinate maintenance services of devices, ensuring their timely conduct and quality of services performed in the framework of these inspections.

Under ongoing supervision over technical maintenance, we cooperate with media providers, plan renovations, assess the inflow of equipment functioning in the hotel as well as hotel customer service level. We prepare monthly reports for the owners and managers, that encompass a review of the current hotel technical state in order to enable forecasting expenditure related to maintaining high technical standards and, above all, the safety of guests. 

We guarantee knowledge of innovative technologies applied in modern hotels. We enhance qualifications on an ongoing basis, enriching our knowledge and skills in this area of expertise. Long-lasting experience in this scope of activity from the hotel industry, availability, ability to build friendly relations with co-workers allows us to fulfil all expectations of even the most demanding hotel operators.