Project Management

The activity of Hotel Inwest Development team is oriented on reaching the designated plans in a strictly specified period of time through combining a dynamic construction process with minimizing the risk that impacts high quality of products and investment budget.

Our strategy is based on a closely specified schedule that allows for full control over the assumed goals and a well-thought-out coordination of actions. At each stage of the carried out investment, starting from object specification in line with investor's expectations, through the design stage, managing the construction process ending with object handover for use, we work in a team of experts from various branches. We provide professional and conceptual support at every stage of investment planning.

In the course of managing each hotel and developer investment, we offer conceptual support while implementing projects and arranging interiors with an option of providing accessories and elements of interior design, ensuring a unique design for the investors. This scope of our activity is handled by the team of Hotel Inwest Design.

Completed hotel investments in the process of exploitation are supported by our professional supervision which guarantees high technical standard. This is handled by the team from Hotel Inwest Service.